10: The magic number

Believe it or not, I hate doing the magic number post. That said, I do it every year because I’m a numbers guy and I like seeing the magic numbers with each team shrink with each Canucks win or with the other teams’ losses.

After last night’s win against the Dallas Stars, the Canucks’ magic number is down to 10. That means any combination of 10 points gained by the Canucks or not gained by Anaheim and Nashville clinches them a playoff spot. The magic number is 9 against St. Louis, 8 against Minnesota and 6 against Dallas.

Something else that might help Canucks fans breathe easier is that, with 10 games remaining, the Canucks enjoy a 9-point lead on the 9th place Predators. At this time last year, they were only 2 points up on 9th place, and well… we know how that story ended. It sure looks like it’s going to be a happier ending this time around. *knocks on wood*

More on this from ‘Nucks Misconduct, who breaks down the remaining games for each Western Conference team.

J.J. Guerrero

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