Ohlund’s number one

Not that his status as one of the best defensemen to ever wear a Canucks jersey was ever in doubt, but Mattias Ohlund reached a significant milestone on Saturday night.

From Elliott Pap (Vancouver Sun):

Canuck Mattias Ohlund earned another piece of franchise history Saturday when he collected the 321st point of his career. Ohlund is now tied with Jyrki Lumme and Dennis Kearns for most points by a blueliner. He has 18 games to set a new mark.

“Eighteen more to go, you never know,” Ohlund said Sunday, smiling. “I guess [it’s possible]. I’m not too concerned about it. My focus is on winning games.”

Ohlund has netted 91 goals, which is already a club record for defencemen, and 230 assists in 752 games as a Canuck.

Ohlund isn’t that far off from other Canucks records for defensemen. He has 35 powerplay goals, which is only two powerplay goals away from Rick Lanz’s franchise mark (37), and 230 career assists, which ranks him 4th in the franchise behind Dennis Kearns (290), Doug Lidster (242) and Jyrki Lumme (238).

He has also appeared in 752 games in a Canucks uniform; Harold Snepts appeared in 781. It’s a shame, but with only 18 games left this season, Ohlund won’t break the record for most games by a defenseman in a Canucks uniform unless he comes back next season.

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