Back home and feeling the Canucks love

Tracy and I got back yesterday afternoon; as good the R&R was, it feels better to be home. We checked out of our resort at 5:00 AM, along with the groups of us that stayed up to watch the Canucks beat the Blues the night before. Some of us exchanged email addresses to stay in touch and chat more Canucks hockey. I love that we met cool Canucks fans even down in Jamaica.

My sister picked us up from the airport, and almost immediately, we saw two cars with Canucks flags. During the drive home, we saw a lot more. This city is going nuts for the Canucks right now. Home sweet home.


From John Dellapina (

In NHL best-of-seven series, the winner of Game 2 has gone 381-150 — winning 71.8 percent of the series. Game 1 winners have gone 367-164 — a 69.1 percent winning percentage.

Teams that have won both games to go up, 2-0, have gone 254-37 — 87.2 percent.

While 2-0 is a commanding lead, it’s not an insurmountable one. (Hello 2002.) Certainly, the Canucks are well-deserving of their 2-0 series lead. They’ve played well enough, and Roberto Luongo, especially, has been spectacular.

They carried the play on even-strength, and with last change, they were able to control the line match-ups. Often, the Sedin line played against Alex Steen’s line and Sundin’s played against Andy McDonald’s. That won’t be the case for the next couple of games and I’m curious to see how Vigneault manages the lineup.

With how game 2 ended, I expect Andy Murray to make life miserable for AV. Needless to say, I expect the Blues to take advantage of last change and bring their physical play up another notch. I don’t think the Canucks will be intimidated, but I hope they respond smartly. Like on the scoreboard.

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