So the boys weren’t going 16-0…

Who knew the Canucks could still lose, eh? These boys were starting to make me feel like a Detroit fan. Heh. Sure, it was an ugly game, but it’s just one game. The playoffs weren’t going to be a tra la la feeling all the way to the end. We still have to embrace the pain.

My defence loving heart was hurting in my chest, but that’s not how the Canucks are going to keep playing. They’ll adapt to losing Sami Salo, and they’ll be fine. Lui got his bad game out of the way. The forwards will back check better. These babyhawks are talented, but they can be contained. I mean half of them can’t even grow a good playoff beard. The Canucks can make em cry.

At least the power play was beastly before they decided to cough up the lead. And how about that SAVE by St.Lou. OWWW OWWW. I think it might have impregnated the majority of the female population of the lower mainland. Or was that just me?

At least the company was fun at the Shark Club. Tuesday is a brand new game. There’s no way they’re going to give up three consecutive leads. It’s not time to push the panic button. And hey, as Canucks fans, we knew they weren’t going to make things easy and breezy. That’s just not how they roll. It’s time to get pumped for Tuesday.

I’ll end with two sort of unrelated things.

Even though it was probably a good time, I was sad to hear Nazzy was retiring. Obviously, it was time for him to move on, but I’ll miss him. He was the very first hockey player I couldn’t take my eyes off of when I saw my first Canucks game. When he was in his prime he was absolutely gorgeous to watch. He’s a classy gent, and let’s face it, was my original pretty Swede. I hope his number does end up getting retired and I hope he enjoys every minute of retirement. He deserves it.

The NYT hockey blog asked me again to do a write up about the Canucks/Hawks series. Somehow I keep fooling them into thinking I’m totes high brow. It’s kind of rad.

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