Bebeh Draft Pick Profiles – Zach Budish

Next up on our who’s the next contestant at the Canucks draft table is Zach Budish . You can get all his snazzy stats on his profile. He would a lovely pick up for the Canucks and is 6’3″ and a right wing. Budish was kicking ass and taking names on his high school team in Minnesota and recorded 63 points (26 goals 37 assists) in 30 games in 2007-2008. He was injured playing football and was forced to miss his senior year of hockey, but had 27 points in 15 games with the Minnesota High School Elite League before the injury. Oooooh I do love the boys that can play two sports.

Zach patterns his game after Joe Thorton and his hockey hero while a little tot in Minnesota was Mike Modano. Not bad choices at all. Shall we take a gander at his scouting report? I bet it will make you swoon.

Zach is physically mature in stature, has a good shot in traffic and has a strong ability to dissect the game around him. He’s a force, he’s hard to move off the puck and he can snap a wrist shot from the blue line. With Zach playing football and the two seasons overlapping, his criticism has been that he hasn’t had his skating legs under him, but I’ve seen Zach since he was 15 years old. I’ve seen how he has carried the team and made people around him better. He reminds me of Keith Tkachuk or David Backes at the same age.”

A young David Backes? Yes please. I do love watching the power forwards.

His favourite team is the Minnesota Wild or the Boston Bruins. He probably loves Looch as much as I do. Budish’s preferred breakfast food is cinnamon toast. Eeeeee. I eat STACKS of cinnamon toast. His favourite book is Moneyball. Hey, isn’t our totally rad GM really into Moneyball? This kid is Gillis’s new best friend. Hopefully I’m sitting near the Canucks table at the draft and I can whisper “Budish” repeatedly.

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