Bebeh Draft Pick Profiles – Stefan Elliot

Stefan Elliot would be a great pick for the Canucks at the draft. The Canucks pick 22nd and he’s ranked around 17th overall. His profile at provides you all the goodies. He’s a 6’1” defenceman that led the Saskatoon Blades in scoring for defencemen with 55 points (16 goals 39 assists) in 71 games while also finishing +20. It sounds like he could be that “offensive” defenceman the Canucks always seem to be yearning for.

Elliot is a local boy and is a fan of the Canucks. Owww owww. Bonus points for the wee one. He’s also a smart little cookie and had a 93.3% average the past year at school. Damn. I should ask him to tutor me. Elliot has national experience with the under 18 team. His favourite NHL player is Mike Green. I just hope he doesn’t decide to model more than his game after Mike Green and get one of those horribly tacky tribal arm tattoos like Greenie. His favoured shootout move is “anything that goes in”. Heh. That’s perfect. The Canucks have shootout moves where nothing goes in! Stefan can be helpful right away.

Oh and just in case you cared about that sort of thing, his fave movie is the Dark Knight and he likes to read Harry Potter. Squee. I think I’ll have to make a “Pick Stefan” button to show Gillis at the draft. It will be totally fetch. I hope he falls to us.

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