Canucks Crash Calgary – Roadtrip and Tweetup

I’ve been planning this for a while and finally it’s going to happen. I’ve always wanted to go watch the Canucks play on the road, and I hope nothing more than to walk out as the winning fan. I’m heading to Calgary on Friday for the start of a Canucks weekend which includes a HNIC Tweetup and a roadtrip up to Edmonton to watch the Canucks play at Rexall Place as well.

I’ll be in Calgary for the game Friday night and then Saturday there’s a “Canucks Crash Calgary” Tweetup I’m throwing at Melrose to watch the Canucks play the Wild on Hockey Night in Canada. If you’re coming RSVP Here so that I have a good idea of who to expect and so I can save you a seat. If you’re not on Twitter but want to drop by, I know the more Canucks fans there the better. We’re in the heart of enemy territory so I’m all for parting the sea of red with a wave of blue. I’ll be driving up to Edmonton for the game on Monday so if any Canucks fans want to meet up for a pre-game meal and drinks let me know and we can get together!

I’ll be tweeting the whole trip (if you’re not following me, find me here, I’m @Mozy19) as can be expected, and fully expect to cause trouble in Flames Nation. I was told there’s nothing better than the feeling of walking out of the Saddledome after a Canucks win, I have my fingers crossed. I hope to have one day been to a game in every NHL arena, this is knocking two more off that list. Might have to make a stop in Phoenix soon as they might join the defunct teams list some time soon.

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