Game 2 – Flat With no Fizzle

Game 2. Different game, same result. What’s interesting is all the problems of last season don’t really exist. Last year we talked about not being able to win games because we weren’t getting shots, our powerplay wasn’t clicking, we weren’t skating well, we had no possession of the puck. Early signs this season show we’re getting all the shots on net, our once solid penalty kill can’t seem to survive 2 minutes, we’re skating well and fast, and we’re dominating the play. The Canucks didnt have a slow start, in fact they started better than they did against Calgary, however after allowing Colorado to get the first goal they were in the familiar position of playing catch up.

Luongo has yet to look outstanding. The city has come to expect what Roberto comes to expect of himself and that’s perfection. While a none of the goals he’s let in this season can be said to be bad, or completely his fault, there are certainly one or two he would like to have back. It also doesn’t help that whenever a team plays Luongo their goalie inherits Martin Brodeur powers over night for a 24 hour period. Luongo hasn’t looked stellar, but his counterpart Craig Anderson stood on his head to stop the Canucks attack which couldn’t score no matter what angle they were shooting from.

While the Canucks lost the game they came away injury free which is a win in itself. After losing Luongo to a groin injury in the rare and strange noon start, superstition and speculation filled the pre-game as everyone had their fingers crossed. I’m not sure if I’m sold on noon games being a probable cause for injury, but in a system that’s so regulated and monitored, one that’s got the players physically adapted to a certain system, I can’t believe that abruptly changing that routine but still expecting the same stresses on the body and the same outcome is without potential problem.

It’s two games into the season, there’s still a lot to look forward to.What’s frustrating is losing 3-0 in a game where you were peppering the goaltender and moving your feet most of the game. It was clear though after a while the frustrations were showing and the team started trying to make things happen individually rather than as a team. I’d start getting worried if we start breaking that losing streak we managed to set last year, and when Luongo starts setting new records for goals allowed in a game. For the time being they have a chance to swing things around at home on Monday as they play the Blue Jackets in their home opener, and they’ll have the added excitement of raising the 2008-09 NW Championship Division banner not to mention the added incentive and adrenaline rush.

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