Game 6 – The Missing Twin

Last night it was noticeable how bad Henrik was hurting. Watching live from the Saddledome every time Henrik got the puck he was trying to make some fancy play, a play that only Daniel knew how to handle, and a play which was ending up in a place only Daniel would know the destination of. In fact, it wasn’t just Daniel out there that didn’t know what was going on. The entire team looked like they’d fallen asleep in Vancouver and woken up in Calgary and were admist a bad dream. In fact, it was about as close to a bad dream the way they played and fell down 5-0.

Last night was rough. In the heart of enemy territory and you watch your team play the worst hockey of the young season. They looked unable to start anything. In fact there was only one point in the entire game where the Canucks looked like they were in the game and that was for the 30 seconds between Ehrhoff’s PP marker that made it 5-3 and the penalty Burrows took with less than two minutes left in the game.

The Canucks penalty kill was average and looked rudderless yet again, but the Canucks power play after being cool to start the game had two late power play goals on back to back power plays. I fully expected the Canucks to spend the first 20 minutes finding their legs, but it went from bad to worse and it was clear that a combination of things left them wishing the game would just end.

Tonight the Canucks play the Wild at home. The Wild came off a 5-2 loss to the Oilers last night and are looking to rebound against a Canucks team that needs a redemption win badly. Sitting at 2-4 on the season, the Canucks are in for a tough match and after last night need to come out looking like a completely different team. The Canucks were pushed around all night and if they’re not up for the rough game, they need to start skating their way to a victory.

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  1. VancityAllie says:

    I felt really bad for Henrik. You could really tell.

  2. VancityAllie says:

    I felt really bad for Henrik. You could really tell.

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