Canucks blogosphere suggest some New Year’s Resolutions for Canucks players

Last week, your favorite Canucks bloggers and Twitterers got together to suggest some special Christmas presents for each of your favorite Vancouver Canucks. This week, we suggest some New Years Resolutions for them.

To Roberto Luongo from Richard Loat (Canucks Hockey Blog)

Stay in the net. Might have to get him a shock collar at first until he gets used to it. Someone tell him please that just because he made the Olympic team doesnt mean he’s Marty.

To Kevin Bieksa from Christopher Golden (@lyteforce)

Prior to recent events, it was my belief that any New Years resolution from Kevin required the words “pugnacity, testosterone, truculence and belligerence.” But that’s just hogwash. Kevin simply needs to resolve that he do everything in his power to avoid sharp objects – the guy’s a freaking magnet when it comes to getting cut up. So I think this means that he no longer can use anything sharper than a butter knife, can no longer shave with a blade, and must never watch another slasher movie ever again.

To Christian Ehrhoff from J.J. Guerrero (Canucks Hockey Blog)

Ehrhoff should resolve to be a better defenseman than Daniel Rahimi.

To Sami Salo from Christopher Golden (@lyteforce)

Any resolution from Salo should revolve around good health – something along the lines of “I resolve to no longer get hurt by waking up in the morning.” That and to avoid sharp objects. If it can bust up Bieksa, imagine what something like that could do to Sami.

To Willie Mitchell from J.J. Guerrero

To never fight with Kes again.

To Ryan Johnson from Cam Davie (Canucks Army)

Take more shots. He has 9 shots on goal. He needs to get more firing on net. I know he’s not Daniel, but surely he would pot a goal or two if he took more shots.

To Alex Burrows from Christopher Golden (@lyteforce)

Some people make resolutions to be “kinder, gentler, and nicer.” Others resolve to “do on to others as we wish to do on to ourselves”. Burrows needs to resolve to find these people and piss them off. He should also resolve to send “Kelly” flowers – apparently she’s a real nice gal.

And eat more peanut butter. The world needs far more #PeanutButterBurrowsTime.

To Tanner Glass from Guts MacTavish (24 Hours Vancouver)

To continue to be the only Canuck who’s willing to finish all his checks. That and KO Zack Stortini.

To Ryan Kesler from Missy (Canuck Puck Bunny)

To average at least 1 goal a game for the rest of the season (including playoffs).

To Steve Bernier from Sean Zandberg (Nucks Misconduct)

In the New Year I’d like him to use those new hands (I gave him for Christmas) wisely and earn his paycheck.

To Mason Raymond from J.J. Guerrero

May Ray should resolve to hit the 35-goal mark.

To Daniel Sedin from Andrew Bucholtz (Sporting Madness and Canuck Puck)

Daniel’s New Year’s resolution should be to set up Henrik more often. While he was out of the lineup, Henrik demonstrated a real scoring touch, but he’s returned to his pass-first ways since Daniel came back. Both twins can be effective scorers.

To Alex Edler from J.J. Guerrero

Edler’s resolution should try to be more vocal. You know, like Mikael Samuelsson.

To Darcy Hordichuk from Richard Loat

Fight. Scratch that, dominate. Annihilate.

To Mikael Samuelsson from Cam Davie (Canucks Army)

Stop taking penalties at inopportune times. Sammy’s penalties seems to ALWAYS lead to shorthanded goals. He needs to stay out of the box and stop hurting the team on the scoreboard.

To Aaron Rome from J.J. Guerrero

To take advantage of a great opportunity to play every night.

To Andrew Raycroft from Richard Loat

Stay classy. We don’t need two Mathieu Schneiders on the same team cribbing out lack of playing time.

To Henrik Sedin from Clayton Corley (Opiated Sherpa)

Henrik’s New Year’s resolution will be to let Daniel have the top bunk more often on the road.

To Jannik Hansen from Richard Loat

Find the back of the net and earn his spot back. He needs to get over the hump and add a little more finish to his game. He’s doing all the little things right, now it’s time to make the big things click.

To Rick Rypien from J.J. Guerrero

Rypien should promise to fight Zack Stortini a fourth time in the New Year.

To Pavol Demitra from J.J. Guerrero

To get back from injury and play hard for Team Slovakia the Vancouver Canucks

To Kyle Wellwood from Richard Loat

With 3 points in his last 4 games Welly just needs to keep rolling. And not the rolling around he does after eating 5 happy meals.

To Shane O’Brien from Brian Wawryshyn (Canucks Corner)

O’Brien’s resolution should be to play within his abilities. Use his size to his advantage and provide a physical presence on the Canucks blue line.

J.J. Guerrero

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