Prey on the Preds

If the Canucks’ current trend holds true, they should win tonight against Nashville.

The Predators are one of the hottest teams in the NHL and currently own 4th place in the Western Conference. Heck, if the playoffs started today, they’d have home ice advantage. (Probably to the chagrin of Jim Balsillie and the city of Hamilton.)

Seemingly quietly, the Predators are 16-5-2 since November 1st and own the third best points percentage (0.739) in the entire NHL in that span. Only New Jersey (0.804) and Chicago (0.762) have higher points percentages. They’ve lost once in their last 10 games and their current win streak is at 4 games, a mark the Canucks have yet to reach all season.

In their 23 games since November 1st, the Predators scored 78 goals. Their 3.39 goals per game average in that span is 2nd only to the Washington Capitals (3.55). The Canucks are 6th with a 3.24 goals per game average.

That all said, the Canucks are only 7 points behind Nashville and a win in regulation time narrows the gap to 5. The Predators are a good team, which means the Canucks should do well against them.


J.J. Guerrero

Founder and Executive Editor of Canucks Hockey Blog. Proud Canadian, hardcore Canucks fan. I would like nothing more than watching the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. Against the Leafs.

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