Two Is Better Than One

Two is better than one. That applies to most things in life and the Sedins have certainly proved that as of late. I’ve always known the Sedins were good. Anytime a player can produce at a point per game rate for the regular season and the playoffs, play in over 300 straight games, and lead your team be it at the NHL level or the international level you know he’s good. In the case of the Sedins you know they’re good. With that in mind though, I had no idea how much this team relied on the two of them as a unit and how crucial that unit was to the functioning of this team.
While Daniel was out of the lineup Henrik continued to produce at a point per game pace, in fact at one point in 17 games missed by Daniel Henrik had 17 points. However, Henrik was a one man show and that showed in the increase of his goal total as the center that’s known for his playmaking, started to find the back of the net.
When the Sedins are out there as a unit they not only control the play, they dominate it. They also seem to have a much bigger effect on the whole team than I thought previously possible. It may have been his return was coincidentally timed with the team’s resurgence as they begun to find their game, but I beg to differ.
Daniel’s return was the sole reason Alexandre Burrows’ play was turned around. Burrows was on the verge of finding a permanent spot back on the 3rd line until Daniel returned. The Sedins need a trigger man and Burrows is that guy.
Daniel’s return has also seen a shift in the way AV’s been playing the lines. While Daniel was out of the lineup, the games towards the end of his recovery saw a lot of playing time given to the checking lines. The 3rd and 4th line got so much playing time Tanner Glass started scoring and Johnson had a 3 assist night. The Sedins work so well on the first line and their play complement the second line’s speed to form the perfect one two punch. Since Daniel returned the Sedin line hasn’t had nights where they’ve looked invisible, and our offensive lines have regained that ability to control and dominate the offensive zone.

I knew the Sedins were good. I knew they were point per game good. I didn’t know that as a unit they were so important to keeping this team’s offense together. Daniel’s return has proven just how much this team needs both the twins together. Other team mates that have chemistry complement each other’s individual play. The difference with the Sedins is that their play complements the team. There’s a reason that the Canucks record when both twins score a point is 182-59-25. There was a lot of talk about whether or not the Sedins can take their game to the next level and reach the 90-100 point level. Daniel’s not likely to get there this season, but if Henrik continues his iron man streak of games through the end of the season he could get there. He’s already averaging over a point per game and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

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