give this man a high five

I’ve never been a huge AV fan. Some of his decisions make me tres annoyed and well I think at one point I wanted to email Gillis my head coaching resume. But anyways, on After Hours on Saturday AV sat there and defended Alex Burrows in such a steely, articulate, and lovely way it was absolutely wonderful. Ooooh talk about loyalty and standing by your players. CBC had just ripped Burrows at length in their intermission feature and AV calmly told them how wrong they were. I admit it, the Canucks head coach had me swooning. How nice for Burr to hear that after the week he had and I bet the other guys feel like AV will have their backs completely in the future as well. Not that he needs it, but AV has gained a huge amount of respect from me. What a stud.

Ron Mclean and CBC should be embarrassed at how biased they are. For a national broadcast, that was shameful. It’s obvious Burr made some mistakes handling this issue, but he didn’t deserve to have his character insulted so completely with not even a mention of Auger’s errors. Sure, Ron Mclean is a trained referee and of course will support Auger, but it was poor reporting and irritating to see when it looked like this drama was going to be put away.

Either way, this will be the last time I write about it. What a fun win against the Penguins, eh? I know the Penguins had the most rookie-est of goalies in net, but the offence looked positively murderous and sexy!

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