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Sergei Shirokov

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Yuliya Talmazan is a Russian-born Vancouverite who blogs about all things Russia. She tracked down Vancouver Canucks prospect Sergei Shirokov, who, incidentally, will appear in the AHL All-Star Game tomorrow, and conducted an email interview with Shirokov. Ms. Talmazan posted the interview on her site and she asked if we can share it with Canucks fans; of course, we were happy to oblige.

YTFiles: Sergei, you are currently playing for the Manitoba Moose, and are the top scorer on the team. But, I am sure what you really came here for was Vancouver Canucks. When do you think you will be able to return to play for the Canucks again?

S.S.: Of course, I came to Canada to play in the NHL. I try to show good results and quality of the game. I am sure that I will still have a chance to play for the Vancouver Canucks, and I will try to use that chance fully.

YTFiles: You have signed with the Vancouver Canucks just four months ago and had to move here from Moscow before the pre-season. How easy was that move for you?

S.S.: My decision to sign a contract with the Vancouver Canucks was well thought-out. My family and friends supported me. The move itself was easy for me, and the adaptation was not a problem either. I had enough free time to see Vancouver. Of course, I have not seen everything, but I will have time to do that.

You can find the full interview on Yuliya’s site,

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