Distinctly Canadian

[Editor’s note: Jamey Guerrero is J.J.’s brother. During the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, he’ll be visiting the Olympic sites, taking some pictures and sharing his stories.]


According to CTV, last night’s Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games was the most watched television program in Canadian history; it didn’t disappoint.

Sure there were glitches. For one thing, a mechanical problem prevented one section of the cauldron from popping up on the BC Place floor. But for the most part, the 3-hour long event was a spectacular display of colors, culture and Canadiana.

There were many highlights. The snowboarder jumping through the Olympic rings was cool. Telling the story of Canada through song, dance and a poem by Shane Koyczan was awesome. And getting five great Canadians – Rick Hansen, Steve Nash, Catriona Lemay-Doan, Nancy Greene and Wayne Gretzky – to light the cauldron was a nice touch.

The program may not have had the bling of Beijing’s, but it was just as emotional. It was distinctly Canadian, and it was very well done.

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