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For those of you that don’t know, like some people collect stamps, other people collect cars, and I for one collect jerseys. I’m not rolling in the money, but over the years have found jerseys here and there and have made friends and gotten jerseys without having to takeout a mortgage.

If you know anyone trying to get rid of a jersey that happens to be on this list, or any jersey for that matter. Or know where one can be found at a cost some what less than an arm and a leg, feel free to fire it my way. Also, I’m always up for suggestions, so if you have something you think I might like, by all means share it, you might be right. =)

Even if you find some of these jerseys without names, that’s fine. I just like jerseys.

    NHL Teams

Atlanta Thrashers
Blue – Kovalchuck – http://is.gd/3v6P8

Boston Bruins

Detroit Red Wings
Winter Classic Vintage Jersey – Zetterberg – http://is.gd/3v9TF
1992 Home Jersey – http://is.gd/3v9Ss

Montreal Canadiens

Blue Vintage Jersey – http://is.gd/3v7CW (The one Koivu is wearing)

New Jersey Devils
1982-1992 Jersey – http://is.gd/3v7qJ

New York Islanders

Ottawa Senators
1933 Jersey – http://is.gd/3v9yj

Pittsburgh Penguins
Penguins 3rd Jersey – http://is.gd/3v9Cb

San Jose Sharks
07-08 White Away -Ryan Clowe – http://is.gd/3v9vB

Vancouver Canucks
07-08 – Johnson – http://is.gd/3v8rW
07-08 – Burrows – http://is.gd/3v8rW
07-08 – Shirokov – http://is.gd/3v8rW
03-04 Alternate (red) – Todd Bertuzzi – http://is.gd/3v6SW
03-04 Alternate (red) – Bryan Allen – http://is.gd/3v6SW
1983 Flying V – http://is.gd/3v91J
1996 Red Skate – http://is.gd/3va8I

Washington Capitals

    Non NHL Jerseys

Vancouver Giants

Team Canada
1920 Vintage Yellow – Martin St. Louis/Vincent Lecavalier – http://is.gd/3v8Dc
2002 Team Canada (red) – Bertuzzi – http://is.gd/3v8HJ
2002 Team Canada (white) – Smyth – http://is.gd/3v8HJ
2010 Team Canada (Red) – Luongo – http://is.gd/3v8Q2

Team Sweden
Edler (yellow) – http://is.gd/3v8YZ
Naslund (blue) – http://is.gd/8GDlS

CSKA Moscow
07-08 Shirokov

    Defunct Teams

Atlanta Flames

Hartford Whalers

Minnesota Northstars

Quebec Nordiques
Sundin (white) – http://is.gd/3v87I
Sakic (blue) – http://is.gd/3v8bx

Winnipeg Jets

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