Hear Ye Hear Ye Time For Some Sexy Stats

Scott Cullen wrote a column on TSN taking a crack at who is the number one line in the league. Guess which lovely men were the number one line for 5 on 5 play? You’re thinking Alex Ovechkin and various men folk right? Patrick Kane/Johnathan Toews/other Blackhawk perhaps? Or maybe you’re going with Dany Heatley/Joe Thorton/Patrick Marleau? Nope. It’s Hank and Danny Sedin and Alex Burrows! Yes, oh yes. It’s ok to swoon. I encourage it. It’s good for the heart and the skin and all that. Cullen even has numbers and math to back it up so you know it’s true! And in fact, just in case you wanted to swoon a little more Mason Raymond/Ryan Kesler/Mikael Samuelsson were also included a little further down the list. The numbers for all the lines are in the article but I just wanted to highlight the Canucks.

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