Sedin slump? What slump? Back to the Garage!

The Sedins have been mired in some sort of a slump by many from a few games before the Olympics, until recently. With that being said there’s still the thought that Daniel’s slumping because he isn’t scoring any goals. What’s interesting is Daniel’s started racking up just as many assists as Henrik on most nights. While Daniel’s not scoring that’s really not a concern, or at least it shouldn’t be.

The fact both Sedins are racking up the helpers is a sign that they’re making the offense click. At the end of the day if Henrik gets the helper and Daniel scores, or they both get helpers and Burrows scores, we’re still seeing goals on the board and the Twins are running this team’s offense. With that in mind, with the Twins putting up point per game numbers on the 14 game road trip, goals or assists, you can’t complain. The Twins, who this season have been statistically not nearly as good on the road as they have at home, put up point per game stats on the Canucks recently finished 14 game road trip and come back to GM Place with an extra days rest and the energy of the crowd behind them.

Henrik, who led the league in most points on home ice, returns from the road trip to mount a final assualt on Ovechkin atop the standings, Crosby for points on home ice, Thornton for the league lead in assists, and himself as he climbs the Canucks record books looking to surpass Linden for most assists recorded in a Canucks uniform. The Canucks who have been so dominant on home ice managed to find their groove on the road and make their early season road woes a thing of the past, so with the majority of games at home and the way this team gets even better in front of it’s fans, the sky’s the limit!

The Sedins have been great on the road after getting over being home sick, and they’ve been lights out on home ice. With the way Henrik’s played at GM Place this year this Canucks offense is going to kick back into that other gear. With every point Henrik records being a new career high it’s his time to shine. He’s brought himself to within striking range of Ovechkin for the NHL scoring lead and playing at home is only going to give him that much more of a chance.

It’s nice to have most of our remaining games at GM Place, it’s even better to have games starting at a reasonable hour, but most importantly it’s great to have the boys back home. The next 15 games are by no means going to lack entertainment. I’m absolutely positive the Canucks are going to put on a show as the Cardiac Canucks, which also in many cases happen to be career year Canucks, are far from done smashing career best, Canucks records and personal best!

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