Welcome back to NHL land

I didn’t really get around to blogging much during the Olympics. Whoops! But what a party, huh? The hockey was incredible and seeing Lou win a gold medal in his “home” town was pretty damn awesome. I may or may not have cried a little. Rumours have not been verified. Besides the hockey I absolutely adored the figure skating, biathalon, ski cross, and skeleton. If you haven’t already, I recommend watching Stephen Brunt’s video essay on the Olympics and Canada. It’s absolutely wonderful and will leave you feeling patriotic as hell. I would LOVE to make media like that for a job.

Now, it’s back to normal and loving the Canucks as the hockey gods intended. That game last night was kind of heart attack worthy, wasn’t it? Down 2-0 and come back to win it 4-3 in OT. Not exactly what I had planned to watch but fun all the same. Gillis picked up Andrew Alberts today from Carolina. I admit my first reaction to him was WHO? but now I’m coming around.

– He’s 6’5” !!! Louie’s probably all “Yeah, bishes. It’s bodyguard time.”

– He’s great at blocking shots and tends to lead his team in hits. And judging by youtube the hits are mostly BAD ASS and nasty. Not just “Oh hey I tapped you against the boards”

Welcome aboard AA!

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