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– Kes was nominated for the Selke AGAIN! I think he has a real shot at winning it this season. He’s improved his offensive totals while still blocking a ton of shots and being bad ass on the penalty kill. His faceoff winning percentage is wonderfully high and he’s 2nd in league in takeaways. Basically at this point I sound like Samuel L Jackson when I talk about Kes. (not safe for print) Datsyuk is awesome yeah. But I think it’s time for a change!

– Let me tell you, I adore defence. A defenceman or a defensive forward is always my favourite player. I’ve been seen fanning myself when a player blocks a shot. So the fact that the penalty kill is ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYINGLY AWFUL is making me the unhappiest camper around. If we actually played the Kings 5 on 5 for a considerable amount of time the Canucks would win this series pretty handily. It’s been so bad I actually clapped my hands in a busy pub when they killed two penalties in a row.

– Danny Sedin’s kicked goal was a goal. End of story. Gary Bettman would go a long way to endearing himself to fans if he would just admit when the NHL makes a mistake. But he never will.

– Hanky Sedin’s celebration after his game winning goal last night was probably the most excited I’ve ever seen him. So so adorable.

– Clearly there is some deal with a sinister power that you get to be a Vancouver defenceman but you will be constantly injured. This is just getting wacky. Baumgartner fills in for the injured Rome for ONE game and is now injured himself. Now we’re back to I draw penalties like I’m a magnet Andrew Alberts for tomorrow’s game. We should all start whimpering. Or drinking. Or hey how about both? Someone put Sami Salo in his bubble right away!

– I am in a full on swoon with Mikael Samuelsson. I liked him from the moment I heard him phone interviewed after his signing was announced on July 1. He sounded like a crazy over energetic muppet. But really I didn’t see him being so delightful all season and into the playoffs. He also looks extremely nice in a suit.

– This is one of the oddest plays I’ve ever seen. That’s Hanky Sedin under 5 Kings with the puck being prodded and poked at like there’s no tomorrow. You can’t deny the twins aren’t playing tough these days. I jokingly nicknamed him pinata last night. H/T to nettrashcan on twitter for the GIF.

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  1. hah. you’re welcome for the .gif, Alix!

  2. hah. you’re welcome for the .gif, Alix!

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