Moose lose Nycholat but not heart

I’m going to make this short and sweet because this is it! As a fan every time I have seen Nycholat this year he has given up more goals than I can shake a goal stick at! To me losing him to the Canucks is better for the Moose as seen in the last game with a victory over the Hamilton Bulldogs. Having said that, let’s move on to tonight’s game 6 of the AHL Calder Cup playoffs…

In a nutshell here is how I see it:

Moose must play not the first 40 minutes but more important than anything, the last 10 minutes. This Bulldogs team loves the comeback. They are not only a strong team but a very potent team when they are down. If the Moose have a 2 goal lead, which is always the worst lead in hockey, then they better go for 3 and not sit back. Cory Schneider is a strong goalie but he cannot score goals. The Moose have done this before and they can do it again. Beat the DOGS!

Other factors that come to mind even though he was not picked as a star (still confused over that one), Desbiens who is a rock for this team has to keep his run and gun pace. In the stands we thought he was done for sure last game after crashing into the boards but came back to throw 2 more pucks into the net for the Moose victory. He is 200% heart!

Schroeder, Keane and Sexton all come off a 2 point night heading into game 5 and are starting to become the go-to-guys for the series.

The last thing I see from my vantage point is a weak Cedric Desjardins when it comes to the short side glove. 5 goals have come from that angle and when he lets a bad one in, he seems to let the next one in just as easy. Traffic as always will help keep him from seeing the puck and a must in tonight’s game 6! Good luck to the Manitoba Moose tonight!

That’s your quickie from the crease for now!

Until next time is where you can get the updates on the score!

Jimmy Mac

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