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– I was in the Vancouver daily 24 hours today for the 5 on 5 segment. It was fun and those involved sure bring the funny. It’s pretty flattering Guts Mctavish asked me since he’s one of the very funniest puppets or people I know. An online version can be found here if you’re so inclined.

– On the Shane O’Brien situation, while he’s made bad decisions and deserves some discipline from the Canucks, the person (or people) that sent the picture to Deadspin are so SO low. If you do a little research it’s clear that picture wasn’t even from the past Sunday night they were claiming. I bet whoever took the picture was totally buddy buddy with Shane at the time. Sure, he’s a big boy and he put himself in this situation but I still think it was classless and it makes me glad I’m not at all famous. Although, NICE velvet blazer Shane baybee, really. That’s some gorgeous fabric.

– Ken Campbell has a blog for The Hockey News claiming Hanky doesn’t deserve the Hart trophy because he has too many secondary assists (Which Campbell believes aren’t valuable) Bish please. He obviously hasn’t watched the Sedins and the Canucks much this season. Hank isn’t collecting freebie assists by any means. I wrote off THN after they wrote my cousin an insulting and false draft profile in 2008 and I think I’ll keep it that way. No meatballs for you, Mr Campbell.

– The Canucks can FINALLY clinch a playoff spot tonight if they get just one point against the Kings. So even an OT/shootout loss will work, boys. I would prefer an actual win though wink wink. I’m actually missing the game because I’m going to JOHN MAYER TONIGHT! But if I read good news on my phone after the show I’m pretty sure I will look like this:

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