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If there was one thing the Canucks learned in the regular season that we’ve seen pay dividends in the NHL’s second season, it has been the Canucks ability to stay calm and composed in the latter part of a game, specifically the third period, when in a tie game or down a goal or two. The Canucks lead the NHL in regular season third-period-come-from-behind-wins with eleven, and after last night’s third-period-come-from-behind-win the Canucks won the series four games to two with the win being their second come from behind of the series.

Despite the score in any game we’re seeing a Canucks team that believes in it’s system, in it’s players, and in it’s goaltender. Roberto Luongo stole the show and stole the game last night, but despite being down 2-1 going into the final frame last night the Canucks look composed and collected the entire time. The Canucks for the time being seem to have mastered the effect of pressure. They didn’t panic once through the pressure put on by the Kings and building off the momentum of each save from captain Roberto Luongo, they came together as a team.

The Canucks could have a blistering offense, the world’s most outstanding goal tender, and a rock solid blue line, but it would mean nothing if they didn’t keep composure. Better yet, the Canucks seem to thrive when going into the third period down by a goal or tied. They save their best for last every night and that subtle confidence in their own abilities and each other’s play is what’s going to take the Canucks deep. A lot of teams fall apart if they go down early or if they get frustrated by a hot opposing goal tender. This year’s edition of the Canucks however, seems to have learned an all important lesson about staying confident and keeping their composure. It’s something that’s helped them battle back from adversity multiple times before and it’s a trait that will go a long way towards ensuring a deep playoff run this year. As they say, it’s not over till it’s over.

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