– Smorgasbords are Swedish! Some Canucks are Swedish. Alix was having trouble thinking of a title.

– Well, I had my normal 24 hours of hating every single member of the Canucks on ice and off ice organization after Tuesday’s loss. I called them words my ma would wash my mouth out with soap for using. But I moved on pretty quick. I’m becoming an old grizzled Canucks fan, ya know? Sure, I’m still madly in love but this ousting did not shock me. Expect the worst hope for the best? I will eventually have that tattooed on my person along with “There’s always next year”.

– I really admire Willie Mitchell for speaking up for himself and his fellow players and calling out the NHL’s discipline system. And for waiting until the Canucks were done playing so he wouldn’t be a distraction. Maybe if more players give their opinions candidly the NHL will be forced to make changes. It totally saddens me that he is still having head troubles all these months later. Malkin is dead to me. I’m a champion grudge holder when it comes to my hockey boys.

– Personally, If I were Mike Gillis, I would fire Vigneault. That’s two years in a row now the team has lost to the same team in the same way.

– My patience with Luongo is extremely low. While I’m sure no one will force him to do anything I would prefer if he opted out of being captain and played fewer games next year.

– My loathing for Chicago has completely eclipsed my Flames hate.

– The defence DEFINITELY needs some help. I have no specific ideas in mind. I just know it frightens me as is. It’s a strange phenomenon. On paper it looks pretty decent but in practice it’s the complete opposite.

– I think the Jays light blue jersey colour might be the most perfect colour in existence. I want to sleep in one of those jerseys.

– I recently tried playing Katamari Damacy and it is so incredibly enchanting. If you like being a tiny prince and rolling things into a ball I highly recommend it!

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