Moose Calling Claude Noel

The search for Scott Arniel’s replacement as head coach of the Manitoba Moose appears close to being concluded. From Ben Kuzma (Vancouver Province):

Claude Noel could succeed Scott Arniel as head coach of the Manitoba Moose, The Province has learned.

The Vancouver Canucks have interviewed Noel to fill their AHL affiliate vacancy after the interim Columbus Blue Jackets bench boss was replaced by Arniel on June 8. Noel has a year left on his contract, but has an out-clause if he joins another organization.

“He’s a very well thought of guy in the industry, has a terrific record and takes a great deal of pride in the teaching component and preparation component to get [players] into the NHL,” said Canucks general manager Mike Gillis, who will interview other candidates and could reach a final decision within a week.

I’m trying to think if there’s ever been another instance when one organization’s minor-league head coach switched positions with another organization’s head coach (albeit Noel was only Columbus’ head coach on an interim basis), but am drawing a blank. Interesting swap anyway if Noel does indeed come on board.

J.J. Guerrero

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