The lack of Canucks news was starting to get so boring and sad that I was about to write my story of a hockey playing giraffe in blog form. But all of a sudden we have signings of players coming out of our ears! I guess Gillis has moved on from the eating a pint of ice cream and throwing darts at a picture of Dustin Byfuglien stage of grieving.

Anton Rodin: A Swede! Our Swede supply was getting dangerously low if you ask me with just four. He was drafted last year in the second round. I remember reading a bunch of scouts saying he was one of the steals of the draft.

Cory Schneider: I still say he’s trade bait but it looks like he’ll be Luongo’s back up and hopefully get to start a bunch of games. He deserves it.

Peter Andersson: Another Swede! That’s six! He’s a big, dreamy defenceman who’s supposed to be a good skater and move the puck well.

Lee Sweatt: An American free agent defenceman who was playing in Finland and the KHL. A very solid 5’9″ who likes to hit and shoot the puck.

Yann Sauve: I adore Yann so very much. I saw him drafted live in Ottawa and he was incredibly gorgeous in a suit. He’s also a wonderful skater and likes to hit guys into the boards like it’s going out of style. Oh and his accent makes me coo. If/when Shane baybee/Mermaid leave I would very seriously consider getting a Sauve jersey.

Chris Tanev: Another defenceman! It’s defencemen overload. He played college hockey in Rochester as half of their top shutdown pairing. A right hand shot.

Things will definitely be picking up now that the draft and free agency are fast approaching.

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