Sami Salo Tears Achilles Tendon; Out 4 Months

Sami Salo

Photo credit: Vancouver Sun

I’m at the point now where I’m no longer surprised by news of a Sami Salo injury. At times, I don’t know whether to feel bad for the guy or laugh at his obvious bad luck. But anyway, in case you’re interested, Sami apparently suffered another injury in Finland not too long ago. If you can’t read Finnish, the piece reports that he tore an achilles tendon while playing hockey as part of his summer training regimen. It also reports that Sami will be out at least 4 months.

Maybe it’s not quite time to throw out those Kevin Bieksa jerseys yet.

[update: 07/23/2010, 10:01 AM]

I’ve received a couple of questions on how Salo’s injury affects the Canucks’ cap situation.

Basically, Salo’s cap hit ($3.5 million/193 days = approximately $18K per day) will continue to count towards the Canucks’ cap ($59.4 million/193 days = approximately $307K per day). If the Canucks place him on LTIR, the Canucks can go over the cap by a similar amount. However, once Salo is healthy and returns to the lineup, they will have to adjust their roster and go back under the cap again.

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