Bieksa for Fleischmann: Why and Why Not

J.J. Guerrero

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5 Responses

  1. mrmoa says:

    As a Caps fan, I can tell you one thing that you guys may not now about Fleischmann. He's a shut-down forward: he completely shuts down in the playoffs.

  2. YVR says:

    I disagree with your characterization of trading Bieksa for “a role player plus picks” as a “dump”.

    For the right package, there can be no denying that a combination of a roster-ready player that plugs one of Vancouver's remaining holes in their bottom-six and a solid, early-round draft pick (and maybe a second late-round pick or a mid-level prospect) would have more value to the Canucks than Tomas Fleischmann.

    With Burrows rehabbing his shoulder (following the June surgery), Fleischmann might be an intriguing option to fill-in but once Burrows have returned, “Flash” isn't exactly the most useful player to shift into a more defensively-responsible or physical bottom-six role.

    I believe that Gillis needs to try to strike the right balance between seeking the highest return (best player(s)/package available) and looking for commodities that fit well with the team and its goals moving forward.

    I trust that the reason MG is taking as long as he has to move “Juice” is because he is trying to find the deal that will help the Canucks the most and I'm pretty convinced that swapping Bieksa for Fleischmann is not that deal.

  3. YVR says:

    @mrmoa: nice one about “Flash”–I very much agree

    The Canucks could really use a true “shut-down forward” to strengthen their bottom-six and also a guy who actually steps-up his game in the post-season.

    Fleischmann is neither.

  4. Mtrowbri says:

    Bieksa for a bag of pucks would make most Canucks fans happy. Just get that bum off the roster.

  5. TannerGlass's Dirty Flow says:

    i agree with “Mtrowbri”-bieksa for anything would be nice, but i dont think fleischmann fits…i remember hearing on the Team 1040 that MG was talking to the Habs about Bieksa for Tinordi…i dont know if theres any thruth to that but i think that would be a much better deal. We do not need another soft euro forward. i wouldve liked to see them picked up Asham…hed be a great fit on that bottom six…cheap too

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