If You Build It They Will Come

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4 Responses

  1. Tcarson says:

    Thoughtful piece; hard to argue with. But player altruism is an exception. I have a hard time believing these guys are leaving a million on the table when so many are taking so much they will never deserve. Where was Willie's deep discount concession, for instance? Maybe these players are just getting what they can in a changed market. Who knows, but good piece on Gillis. He does seem to have a firm plan in mind that he's making work.

  2. TannerGlass's Dirty Flow says:

    No doubt Gillis is getting players to buy in and take less. But just as important in my opinion is our player development which was non existent in the Nonis era. Finally we’re actually taking the time to draft and acquire good prospects and develop them in our system… dont forget though, not all players like the new front office…Fabian Brunnstrom decided to sign with Dallas because he liked Nonis more than Gillis… what a shame eh?

  3. Sternip says:

    Yes I do feel lucky to be a Canucks fan the last couple of years.

    I’m sad to see Wellwood leave though, I think he had a lot more to give, he certainly had the skill to be a 30 goal player, and maybe he’ll get his head right some time.

    But Gillis is doing brilliantly, I am really looking forward to the new look lineup next season but I do think there’s a chance of things not working and it being a disappointment.

  1. August 27, 2010

    […] If You Build It They Will Come | CANUCKS HOCKEY BLOGHas Mike Gillis put together a major contender this summer? Getting Hamhuis to play for a hometown discount was a big win, and Raffi Torres for $1 million could prove to be a huge bargain. […]

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