Letter To A New Guy: Dan Hamhuis

Dear Dan Hamhuis,

We got off to a rough start in July, you and me. I think you’re overpaid and then you decided to wear number 2 like it was no big deal which used to belong to long term Canuck Mattias Ohlund my most favourite player in all the galaxies. So yeah, I got a little angry. But hey then I calmed down and said to myself, Alix, what do you most like in a hockey player? And do you know what the answer was, Mr. Hamhuis? It’s a stay at home defenceman and a player that does a lot of charity work. Honey, you got that in spades!

You hip checked Dustin Byfuglien which would endear you to any red blooded Canucks fan.

And then when you wanted a break from that you went to Haiti with Georges Laraque and played ball hockey with kids.

I also read in the Predator’s media guide that you and your wife worked with Ronald Mcdonald House and St Luke’s Community House in Nashville.

So I’m ready to let the number thing go and enjoy your play this upcoming season. I look forward to you bringing the hammer down on anyone that gets near our goal and more of your delicious hip checks. You may want to check out Canucks Place to scratch your wonderful charitable itch. Welcome to the Canucks!

Hip checks and sticks

P.S Chances are high I won’t be able to resist a silly nick name and call you Pork Chop. I hope that’s cool.

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2 Responses

  1. Philipo_canucklehead says:

    Hey Alix, thank-you for your very intellectual, yet funny post. You hit the hammer on, but say why. Then your reconciliation, with the ‘2’…priceless. You must make your family happy when needed, ty for your sharing! I am still smiling heavy! Mr. Canucklehead

  2. Caca says:

    ALIX can suck my big fat nuts !!

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