Mitchell Will Be Missed

J.J. Guerrero

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2 Responses

  1. Matt Reitz says:

    I wont lie… from the beginning of the off season, I thought he was the best fit for the Kings. The guy plays the tough minutes against the best players, guy's a leader, and looks like a guy who could be a perfect pairing with Jack Johnson.

    Whenever a guy leaves and it seems like most of the fans/writers are sad, that means it's a good pick-up.

    Here's a question though… with Mitchell gone, who plays the TOUGH minutes for the Canucks next year. Are they really going to ask Hamhuis be the #1 shutdown guy?

  2. You guys signed a good player, for sure. You couldn't have just re-signed Randy Jones, eh?

    All bets are off as to who, if any, of the new core can take over Willie's role. More likely, it's going to have to be done by committee. But if I have to place a bet as to who can best take this on, it'll have to be Hamhuis (by virtue of his $ signed and him approaching his prime years) or Edler (who showed glimpses of what he can do in the Kings series).

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