Off Season Thoughts: Gender Insults in Hockey

  • Jeremy

    Agreed. I wish I had more hope that we'd see/hear less of it over the next couple of years, but it seems pretty deep-seated. Sigh.

  • J.J. Guerrero

    Sadly, I'm guilty of this myself. I call Chris Pronger “Lauren” all the time. :(

  • Chris

    You’re right Alix. And I will admit, that I’ve used them when descriving the Sedin’s in the past – I feel shame.

  • Anonymous

    There was a game last year, when Cheech drew a comparison between the Canucks play, and women’s hockey. I sent an e-mail to the network, never got so much as a reply. Shameful. Sadly, it is often the MEDIA that have done this. (Neil McRae, I’m looking at you) And they should be the ones taking it OUT of the discussion. Great article.

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