Video: Bettman’s Press Conference at the World Hockey Summit

Today Bettman had a presser for the first time since the first Kovalchuk contract was revoked and it was interesting to hear his take on the proceedings around the Olympics as well as the few NHL related cap questions he answered. It was also interesting to digest the press conference yourself as opposed to the media angle which chops up the footage and manipulates the context. For that reason I’ve actually posted the entire press conference we had today (albeit a short one) so that you can interpret the answers for yourself. One thing I do have to do is hand it to Bettman. You can tell he likes to be in control because he’ll never answer the question you ask him. Instead he’ll tell you what he wants to tell you. Today was particularly informative because of the insight into the real complications that lie behind the NHL’s involvement in the Olympics but I’ll touch in another post. For now I give you, Gary Bettman.

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