Ask Katie About the Canucks: September 27, 2010 Edition

Roberto Luongo, Vancouver Canucks

In this week’s edition of “Ask Katie About the Canucks”, Katie talks about expectations, Lou’s hair, Kes for Captain, Burrows’ replacement, Todd Bertuzzi and puck bunnies.

Trent (an Oilers fan) asks: With all this talk about the Canucks being the team to beat in the west this year, do you think this will hamper or help them in the season and playoffs? Also, what if anything is missing from their line-up to put them over the top?

Katie: Last year a lot of people predicted the Canucks to win the Cup early on, and I don’t think they (the team) ever really paid attention to it, so no, I don’t think the pressure will affect them this year either. I think their worst enemy is themselves. They have to get past the second round this season. Personally I think what we’re missing is a big power forward who stands in front of the other team’s goalie, like Holmstrom, although Malhotra might fill that a bit. It’s a gap we’ve had since Bertuzzi left that’s never really been filled. Also, Luongo’s going to have to be back in top form this season now that we have a stacked blue line. We need him to shut the door and play like his old self.

JC (@hirearc) asks: What do you think Roberto Luongo uses in his hair to keep it all shiny and Sicilian looking? And can you confirm you’re dating Andrew Alberts?

Katie: I think Dippity-Do or possibly Crisco. And no, I can’t confirm that – LOL. I haven’t even met the dude. Can we cyber date?

Ingela (@FoxxyCanuck) asks: Some #Canucks fans are saying Ryan Kesler hates Canada, and therefore should not be Captain of the Canucks. Is there any evidence to support this?

Katie: I think what these (delusional) fans are trying to get at is what Kesler said during the Olympics to rile people up, which was along the lines of “I hate Canada” when he actually meant TEAM Canada, not the country. He cleared that up right away, and Burrows backed him. I was mad as hell at Kesler during the Olympics for his mouth, but am clearly over it now that I want him for captain. Kes was just out to stir the pot and distract Team Canada, and it worked. We love it when he does this for the Canucks; fans should realize that it’s just a tactic of his, and it’s a useful tactic (see Burrows, Avery, Ruutu, etc.). Fans saying that Kesler hates Canada need to do some research about exactly what went down and get over what happened at the Olympics. Canada won the gold and Kesler is back in a Canucks jersey. Isn’t that good enough?

@Canucks_BlueJay asks: Who do you think will start the season with the Sedins? I’d like to see Schroeder.

Katie: I like Samuelsson or Burrows with the Sedins, personally. I’m not sure if Schroeder will jump to the first line if he makes the team– I highly doubt it. More like third line. I think that while Burrows is recovering, Samuelsson will be on the top line.

Steph asks: What would you do if you met a Bertuzzi puck bunny and she tried to get all up in your grill?

Katie: I would ask WWBD (What Would Bertuzzi Do?) and go from there. She’d have to step off before I jersey her and show her how real Bertuzzi fans throw ‘em down!

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2 Responses

  1. Guest says:

    Real Bertuzzi fans? You mean you’ll punch her from behind when she’s not expecting it and drive her head into the ground?

  2. Katie says:

    Bertuzzi only sucker punched someone ONCE, so it’s not something he does on a regular basis, thus when asking “What Would Bertuzzi Do?” I would go with what he does most often, like fighting, hitting, etc. which works for me 🙂

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