Sep 122010

One of the most controversial topics at the moment is whether or not Luongo keeps the C on his mask. There are those who feel the letter has been an albatross around Louie’s neck and there are those who feel that providing the C to a goaltender has angered the hockey Gods. There are also those who think that having your captain in the crease makes perfect sense. Obviously in these parts, it’s a much debated topic and one that will never cease to exist.

But let’s just assume that a change is in the mix to further this debate.

In yesterday’s Vancouver Sun, Iain MacIntyre pointed out that the proof was already in the pudding:

Perhaps the optics aren’t as bad as the Canuck newspaper ad for tickets which, with a captaincy debate raging publicly, shows a fuzzy and faded Roberto Luongo in the background behind sharply-focussed Henrik Sedin. But things do not look cozy between Hodgson and the Canucks.

Having never noticed this before (even though I’d seen the ad), I had to take a look for myself.

And there it was, in black and white. Hank in front of a fuzzy Luongo. If you look really close with your eyes crossed, it almost looks like you can see it on Hank’s jersey. Definitely a point of epic controversy in my books. Heck, all I can say is it’s a damn good thing that Shane O’Brien wasn’t there too – there would have been riots on Robson. In fact, I bet you that coffee was spit out in disgust around the province when they saw the dots connected.

But then I woke up and realized the most important fact – who cares?


(Editor’s note: While reading this post, you may want to also picture sarcastically Chris rolling his eyes.)

  • Scott

    Luongo doesn’t wear a C on his bucket anymore..

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