Ask Katie about the Canucks: October 18, 2010 Edition

[Every Monday, Katie Maximick takes your questions and answers them in her own cantakerous style. If you have any questions about the Canucks, send it to her via Twitter (@canucksgirl44)]

Harold Snepsts, Vancouver Canucks

In this week’s edition of “Ask Katie about the Canucks”, Katie talks about the shootout, shrugs off the Leafs, and picks the better ‘stache between Harold Snepsts and Dave Babych.

Ed asks: Is his change in technique making Luongo better in the game but worse during shootouts?

Katie: Honestly I think Luongo’s never been really strong in the shootout. His new goalie coach Roland Melanson has pushed Lu to adopt “t-pushes” to move side-to-side quicker, as well as getting Luongo to play deeper in the net. According to Melanson he’s trying to “put time into [Lu’s] hands — more time to read plays, more time to see the holes and be able to track the puck because he’s waiting for the play instead of chasing it.” Does that apply to what happened in the shootout against the Kings? Didn’t look like it. I think the problem here is that Vigneault refuses to practice the shootout and so Luongo doesn’t get the opportunity to practice the new techniques in one-on-one situations. Also there’s only been one shootout so far, so it’s hard to dissect Luongo’s technique.

Stephen asks: My roommate Ryan wants to know the following: “Why do they suck so bad for a team that’s supposed to be so good?” and “Do you think they’ll ever be as good as the Leafs?” He isn’t a great person.

Katie: First of all Stephen, you’re right. Your roommate isn’t a great person. You should probably kick him out and find a new roommate immediately. I’d suggest someone with a sense of reality.

Secondly, to answer Ryan’s questions — k wait. I can’t even finish this. I’m laughing too hard. Next!

Scott asks: How long do you think Mason Raymond will be on the team before they trade him?

Katie: I don’t think there’s any talk of Raymond getting traded, or management being unhappy with him. He had two goals last night against Carolina grabbing his 100th career point, and he has his wheels early. Now if you said Kevin Bieksa, that’d be a totally different story! Despite CHB’s new slogan, I just can’t be nice to Bieksa.

Adam asks: Movember. Dave Babych or Harold Snepsts?

Katie: Amazingly both still have facial hair. I’d say Snepsts though, because he still has the ‘stache, wheras Babych has a full goatee now.

Jay asks: Are the Canucks trying to get “Coach V” fired?

Katie: I don’t think so. I wish they’d try harder if they were. Ha. Surprisingly Vigneault’s line juggling worked well last night against Carolina and the team played an all-around great game. If you’re referring to their not-so-excellent play for the first few games, I don’t think that was on purpose, although it’d be easier to have some sort of excuse like that.

@andz205 asks: Why is Kevin Bieksa still being rewarded with top line pairings with the way he’s been playing?

Katie: Because when Vigneault picks favourites, that’s just how it works and we all have to suffer for it (remember Pyatt on shootouts?). For some bizarre reason he thinks Bieksa is playing well enough for the top line right now, even if he’s not. Keep in mind that if Bieksa continues to play like garbage, he’ll probably be gone by Christmas. That seemed to be the deal when MG decided to keep him on this summer. Imagine: that’s $3.5 million the Canucks can have back in their pockets.

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