Ask Katie about the Canucks: October 4, 2010 Edition

[Every Monday, Katie Maximick takes your questions and answers them in her own cantakerous style. If you have any questions about the Canucks, send it to her via Twitter (@canucksgirl44)]

Kevin Bieksa, Vancouver Canucks

Photo credit: CBC

In this week’s edition of “Ask Katie About the Canucks”, Katie talks about breakouts and busts, cries about B-Mo, picks a new linemate for the Sedins, and picks a drinking buddy.

Lisa asks: “If you could choose any player in the NHL and put him on the Canucks, who would it be and who would you play him with?”

Katie: I bet every body would be jumping for Ovechkin, which might be the smart thing to do, but I have a feeling he wouldn’t exactly get a long with the quiet, humble Sedins on the top line. Crosby’s too obvious. That being said, I would go for someone like Jarome Iginla (I know, a Flame) or Vinnie Lecavalier. Both are classy guys with top-scoring abilities and seem to get along quite well with anyone they play with. The Sedins can make a star out of anyone (see: Carter, Anson) and so I would put Vinnie or Jarome with them and watch the scoring blow our minds.

Tara asks: “How do you think Morrison will do this season?”

Katie: *Bursts into tears and runs away*

Neil (@neilfg) asks: “Who will have the biggest breakout season, and who will have the biggest bust season?”

Katie: I’m hoping that Kesler just goes mental and scores 30-40 goals this year. He definitely has the potential to step up to that level. Really, many of the Canucks’ young guns have the ability to unleash a few beasts and have record-breaking seasons. I could see Samuelsson doing very well on the top line.

As for bust – ehhhh, I don’t want to predict that in case I jinx someone, but I’d be looking at a veteran, maybe Salo (a little predictable?), possibly Malhotra, since the Canucks have the tendency to take on older players who sh*t the bed once they put on a Canucks jersey (see: Messier, Mark and Demitra, Pavol). Although I can see someone like Bolduc being junk; however, I may or may not just have said that because I’m bitter over B-Mo.

Mark (@marktgledhill) asks: “How have you felt about Edler? Has he grown into a role of a top-level D-man or does he still need to grow?”

Katie: I honestly haven’t been Edler’s #1 fan, but he’s definitely improving every season. Last year he was a top-level D-man for the team, but with the additions of Hamhuis and Ballard this year, Edler might slip back in comparison. I hope not though. I hope Edler continues to improve. I will say one thing – I like his slapshot.

Steph (@axeguitar) asks: “Who would you most like to go drinking with, staff or player?”

I think Bieksa would be a riot (although we would eventually fight about his turnovers and dumb penalties). But wouldn’t it be more fun to see a quiet guy get hammered and come out of his shell? Like a Sedin or Salo? Samuelsson would be fun since he’d have my back at the bar, mostly because he’d tell everyone to go — well, you know — go find themselves. 😉

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