Canucks Take To The Streets

In a post a couple of days ago, I mentioned how the Canucks are pulling out all the stops for their 40th year anniversary. One of the projects they’ve put together is a unique street campaign that lets you see images of iconic moments in Canucks history literally all over the streets.

Vision Media Co is the team behind the Canucks Streetwashes. I had the opportunity to chat with Tyler MacDonald of Vision Media Co and he took the time to give me more info on these images.

There are approximately 90 impressions of three different images all over Vancouver. You’ll find these impressions on: Robson St. from Howe to Bute, in the Burrard and Dunsmuir area, around the new Convention Centre and Fairmont Pacific Rim, in the South Granville area, in Kits on 4th Avenue, in Kerrsidale, on West 10th Avenue, and in Point Grey.

The first image is named “The Hug”. You’ll remember this moment between Trevor Linden and Kirk McLean during the Canucks’ run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994.

The Hug Streetwash
Photo Credit: Vision Media Co

The second image is of Roberto Luongo celebrating the Canucks playoff series win against the Dallas Stars in 2007. This image is titled “Luu” as a tribute to the man who adopted Lui Passaglia’s “Luu” and who carries the expectations of every Canucks fan upon his shoulders.

Luongo Streetwash
Photo Credit: Vision Media Co

The third image is a tribute to every Canucks fan in this city. It’s of the fan. Named “Towel Power” you’ll find the Canucks fan represented well in this 40th anniversary tribute to past, present, and future.

The Fan Streetwash
Photo Credit: Vision Media Co

So how are these impressions done?

MacDonald helped shed some light on that too. “We have a couple artists that create computer generated stencils which are then laser cut into the clients desired creative template. The stencil is then passed along to our execution team who pick appropriate locations to lay the stencil flat on the ground and use high pressurized water to clean away dirt inside the stencil, leaving a totally green friendly message on the sidewalks.”

In today’s world where being green is becoming increasingly important it’s great to see something that adds it’s own flavour to Vancouver at zero cost to the environment. The Canucks 40th year anniversary campaign profiles some of the team’s best players in their public transit campaign – check these out the next time you’re on the bus or the Sky Train. It includes the Sedins and Luongo showcased with Roger Nielson, Pavel Bure, Darcy Rota, Trevor Linden, Stan Smyl and Cliff Ronning, amongst others. They’ve even managed to get one of the newest Canucks, BC boy and Smithers native, Dan Hamhuis, in on the campaign.

The streetwash campaign is a unique tribute to the past we can’t forget, the present we hope will make history this season, and of course the future and common denominator from year to year, the fans. During the Olympics we got to enjoy small street showcases like this for two weeks. It’s awesome to have something of a similar nature back again. That it involves the Canucks just makes it even more awesome.

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