A Good Piece on the Bloggers vs. MSM Debate

This is a good piece on the ongoing battle between bloggers and the mainstream media with input from both sides of the debate (source: The Score).

But perhaps the best part of it is the closing quote, “So whatever side you sit on, the undeniable fact is this. The world of sports journalism, and hockey specifically, has changed drastically with more bloggers becoming suitable sources of viable information and more mainstream journalists blogging. The landscape will continue to develop exponentially. Newspapers no longer control what the news is. Ultimately, the onus is on you, the consumer, to see what print is fit.”

J.J. Guerrero

Founder and Executive Editor of Canucks Hockey Blog. Proud Canadian, hardcore Canucks fan. I would like nothing more than watching the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. Against the Leafs.

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