Ask Katie about the Canucks: November 2, 2010 Edition

[Every Monday, Katie Maximick takes your questions and answers them in her own cantankerous style. If you have any questions about the Canucks, send it to her via Twitter (@canucksgirl44)]

A day late but still entertaining, Katie responds to your questions on Bobby Lou’s first shutout of the season, Kirk McLean’s induction to the Canucks’ Ring of Honour, volunteering at Canuck Place, and Canucks movies, costumes, and goal songs.

Stephanie (@axeguitar) asks: What do you think of the Canucks’ current goal song? If it were to change, what would you pick? And what movies would represent each Canuck player? Sedins, Lu, Kes, Burrows, etc?

Katie: The Green Day song? I don’t care for it, but it’s not the WORST song in the world. That being said, it could be better and I know a lot of fans want a new goal song. Maybe something by Muse, like “Uprising” or “Stockholm Syndrome”.

Some Canucks movies:

  • The Sedins – Twins (Arnold & DeVito)
  • Luongo – The Italian (foreign flick)
  • Kesler – The American (Clooney)
  • Burrows – The Comeback Kid (1980)

Simon asks: Why does Kirk McLean get on the Ring of Honour? What did he ever do?

Katie: This, people, is coming from a Leafs fan. Should I bother answering it? Haha sure, the team didn’t win a Cup with McLean, but they got to the Finals with him in net. He was named to two NHL all-star games AND has recently opened a restaurant in Gastown! McLean is one of the most iconic figures in Canucks history, and fans feel like if we can’t retire his jersey, we have to honour him somehow, which is why the Canucks started the Ring of Honour this year.  Let me ask you Leafs fans a question – will Dion Phaneuf be honoured by the Leafs any time soon? Oh wait, he’s been getting booed over there in Toronto. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Al asks: What kind of costumes should the Canucks wear for Halloween?

Katie: Haha, as I posted on Twitter, I thought Salo should have gone as Frankenstein’s monster (for those who know that Frankenstein was the doctor, not the creature), because he has too many replaced parts. Kesler could’ve gone as a giant, cardboard NHL 2K11 game since that’s all he promoted all summer, and Manny Malhotra could have gone as Richard Loat (aka @mozy19) since they’re apparently brothers from another mother.

Mark  (@marktgledhill) asks: Do you feel that Bobby Lou’s first shutout of the year will help the team to play better in front of him?

Katie: You know it’s officially November when Luongo gets a shutout on the first day of the month, especially up against another star goaltender in Martin Brodeur. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory that when Luongo plays well (or any goalie for that matter), the team in front of him plays with more confidence and thus improves the team’s all-around performance. I think, more importantly, Luongo’s shutout will give HIM more confidence, and the kind of boost he needs to raise him to his all-star standards this season. If the Canucks are going to go on a long Cup run, they need Luongo to get into his groove early so that the team is firing on all pistons come April.

Krissy asks: How important do you think is it for the Canucks players to get involved with organizations like Canuck Place?

Katie: I think it’s very important to the community, to the team and to the children of Canuck Place to see the players come by and help carve pumpkins, or decorate, or just visit. The fact that so many Canucks spend a lot of time at Canuck Place shows you what kind of people we have playing for Vancouver, and how lucky we are to have them here. I believe it was Manny Malhotra who said that one of his reasons for choosing Vancouver was the team’s commitment to charity, which says a lot about the organization’s priorities and part in the community. I know that I’m proud to be a Canuck fan because of this.

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