Ask Katie about the Canucks: November 29, 2010 Edition

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Roberto Luongo

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As badly as I want to answer the many questions sent to me this week about Alain Vigneault and his questionable coaching skills, I must put my contempt for him aside and turn to a subject I haven’t talked about yet:

Ryan Kesler’s underwear.

Just kidding. (Although CHB contributor Chris (@lyteforce) seems to know a thing or two about RK17 skivvies. I think he wants a pair for Christmas.)

To get to my main point of this column (is there ever one?), we turn to the man between the pipes, Roberto Luongo.

Philip (@Phil13A) asks: Would there be any long-term benefit to Vancouver to trade Luongo in search of a Cup?

Love him or hate him, Luongo’s not going anywhere, as he’s locked in for another 11 years (after this year) with a no-trade clause. Mike Gillis mentioned that somewhere along the line there is a limited window that Luongo could be traded if he asked to be, but that is years away, the first such window after the Sedins’ contracts are up.

It’s funny how quickly some fans want Luongo gone when only two years back he was our saviour. In 2008/2009, Luongo had 9 shutouts and a .920 save %. But you know what the trick is? He only played 54 games that year.

So the question is, do we play Schneider more to give Luongo the break he needs? That any human needs? Remember Schneider fans – your Lord of the Ginger is being showcased to be traded, not to become a starter. Them’s the ropes. You might as well deal with it now and forget the prospect of him starting. We can play Schneider more to showcase the young goalie and get us a first-rate defenseman or goalscorer, WHILE giving Luongo a much-needed breather. Or we leave things be until Luongo gets his new goaltending techniques in the bag and is through with his adjustments while giving Schneider a few starts.

I get that Luongo is making a whopping $10 million this year. Everyone knows that. Luongo knows that. But complaining about it isn’t going to make his salary go down and it won’t make him play better. All it means is that Luongo is under an even bigger microscope in a city that’s already hard to play for.

Give him a break.

Philip to answer your question, no, I don’t think there would be. I think we can win the cup with our Golden Goalie in net. But I think fans need to have a little more patience and a little more faith in what they have. A lot of Canucks fans are acting like some Americans are with Obama, wondering why their big problems aren’t being solved IMMEDIATELY despite having a great person ‘working’ for them, and when their problems aren’t solved in the same amount of time you can order a Big Mac, they throw their guy under the bus and want a new person in there with no remorse.

History lesson of the day:  evolution is more effective in the long run than a revolution.

What do you want, Luongo haters? Another Cloutier? Let’s let the team’s chemistry work itself out again. Sit back and enjoy the ride, but please — try to stay on the bandwagon when the road gets bumpy. It’s not always the end of the world.

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2 Responses

  1. Dapuddle says:

    I’ve said trade him for years. I would have traded him straight up for Price this summer, if possible. When was the last time a big dollar ‘top 5’ goaltender won a cup?

    Waiting………waiting…… Exactly.

    You need a top 15 or so goalie. Money is better spent on the blue line or depth scoring.

  2. Chris says:

    It’s not my fault that I make RK17 undies hawt like fyah. Your just jealous. 😉

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