Canucks Pumpkin Art

In the wake of Halloween there are always an abundance of fan made pumpkins, some good and some not so good. I’ve never had the skill nor the inclination to tackle a pumpkin let alone to brand it Canucks but there are some folks out there with significantly more drive and talent than I, and they have some pretty cool pumpkins to share.

This first one comes from @transcendswebs who manages to tackle the hardest Canucks logo and make it look good on a pumpkin. Kudos sir.

Next up we have Gemma Davis who’s attempted to recreate one of the Canucks most iconic moments. If you remember it was used as one of the Canucks Streetwashes and now has been temporarily found it’s place in history on a pumpkin.

A couple of people decided to try the retro logos. We’ve got a very cool looking Johnny V’s and again, I must reiterate, I could never create such art, let alone Canucks art, so I leave it to the much more gifted than I. The one on the left is courtesy of Evan Taylor and the one on the right by Thomas Fita.

The last two pumpkins are by far my favourites. I have to hand it Alistar Hayward. His Canucks Skate logo pumpkin was cool enough but his 40th Anniversary pumpkin blew me away.

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