Nov 012010

Ryan Kesler has joined the ranks of Ovechkin and Crosby when it comes to having a clothing line. The two time Selke nominee who spent his summer touring the country with NHL 2K11 to promote his newest video game has teamed up with FIRSTAR Sports to launch his line RK17.

FIRSTAR Sports announces their partnership today with Ryan Kesler to launch RK17, an exclusive Kesler-inspired collection of apparel. RK17 is fashionable sportswear that includes shirts, jackets, hats and other casual wear. The must-have line goes on sale next week.

I like the jacket he’s got on in this picture, but the obnoxious, giant ‘RK’ on the front puts him one step closer to a guest appearance on the Jersey Shore with Mike “The Situation”. It’ll be interesting to see what other items come out and whether they have a more subtle Kesler presence. Somehow I feel everything’s going to be emblazoned with giant RK17 insignias.

It goes on sale next week, we’ll know soon.

[Editor's note: This actually reminds me of the NHL2K11 ad in which Kes was wearing his own signed jersey. I guess Kes had to do something since Henrik got the "C". (I kid, I kid.) - J.J.]

  • nucksgal

    If he needs models to sport that stuff, I’m in!

  • Emily9johnston

    its clever how in the picture its a K and a 17, how witty.

  • Dawn

    i see RK17 in that, not just the K17…but i agree the jacket is too gaudy, all that missing is bedazzlers lol

  • Richard Loat

    I think the line could be really cool if the logos were a little more subtle. To be honest I’m a little excited to see what comes with the rest of the line.

  • Sam

    i really dig the logo, but not the jacket.

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  • Byron Fok

    Love the colors, hope he’ll retire as a Canuck

  • Shirley Allen

    Great line of clothing..I’ll certainly be buying a few pieces
    Shirley Allen

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