Tickets Giveaway: Manitoba Moose vs. Abbotsford Heat

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  • Darcie Nolan

    My favorite is Jeff Tambellini. I have been a fan of his for years and when I saw him in his first Canuck game in pre-season, I told EVERYONE that he was the one to watch this year. His speed and his ability to get the job done was amazing. He proved himself when he got put on the 1st line with the Sedins. I was witness to his first goal as a Canuck and he looked like the perfect fit on that line. With him being a top 6 player, it was hard for me to see him go back to Manitoba when Burrows came back but regardless I AM A TAMBELLINI GIRL and I want to go cheer him on in Abbortsford! :-)

  • Mayor Quimby

    My favorite is still Cody Hodgson (even if his star has faded a bit). I still think he will be a future Canuck star once he gets up to speed in Manitoba.

  • Big Mike

    Kevin Connauton is a man stud, followed him when he played for the giants, following him now. great great player

  • Miss Kelli

    Does it have to be a prospect? Everybody knows my heart beats for Nolan Baumgartner. :P

  • Linzbarker

    Prab Rai!! Representing both the Muslim community AND good ol’ Surrey!! (Although the Surrey part I’m sure he’ll keep to himself – I would)

  • Belindamaywong

    Tambo! He’s proven a lot this season and you can shake your tambourine when he scores!

  • Dan Binng

    There was lots of talk about Cody Hodgson during training camp about how he should not make the team, but he is still the best prospect in the Canucks’ system! Once this kid gets back into his groove after missing a year of hockey, his hockey IQ and his skills will take him to the top of the acidic boards in the AHL!!

  • Hockey Dude

    Kevin Connauton because he is really going to be a top-notch d-man for the Canucks in the future. He’s big, strong, and skilled and has continued to take major strides toward his NHL career over the last couple of years. Defensemen like him don’t come along nearly as often as skilled forwards. It may take a little more time for him to develop and make the big club, but it will be worth the wait.

  • MrsP

    Tambellini! Excited to see what he will bring!

  • Kelly

    Tambellini, I can see some Jeff Carter in him.

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  • Richard Loat

    I for one am a huge Eddie Lack. I think he’s really someone to get excited about. It’s a long shot, but if you play around with some math, he could very well be the Canucks next starter after Luongo’s up and done. Like I said, a stretch, but nonetheless a possibility.

  • bob

    he is sikh

  • SpencerDubas

    Kevin Connauton, always loved him as a Giant, and I’m very hopeful he will bring great things to this team as well.

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