Ask Katie about the Canucks: December 18, 2010 Edition

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As heavy snow falls from the sky in Comox with screaming children in the background (I’m visiting the family for the holidays), I couldn’t help but want to do a Christmas edition of Ask Katie About the Canucks, something light, something fun and imaginative.

This may or may not be because I prefer to sit at my laptop rather than deal with my nephews right now.

Thankfully some of you Canucks fans are thinking the same way this holiday season, as we wonder what the players will be up to this Christmas, what they’ll get for presents and what they’ll give in return.

Rather than analyze why Rome is in for Alberts in tonight’s line up (a discussion currently going on Twitter), let’s change gears and think ahead five days to Christmas morning.

Stephanie (@axeguitar) asks: What do you think each player would ask for (for Christmas)?

  • Daniel Sedin: A Hart trophy to match my brother’s.
  • Hank Sedin: 10 more goals to match my brother’s.
  • Ryan Kesler: To start a cosmetic line called RK-Maybelline.
  • Roberto Luongo: To start giving Tim Thomas a run for his money and a book deal from Harper-Collins to publish more well-thought-out poetry.
  • Raffi Torres: Eyebrows you can see. Maybe a box of Just For Men in my stocking to help.
  • Mason Raymond: Some luck.
  • Alain Vigneault: Big Red. And I don’t mean Cory Schneider.
  • Alex Burrows: A set of RK-17 boxers from Kes, and for everyone to stop making fun of me for how I say “third”.
  • Kevin Bieksa: For Don Cherry to finally say my name right on Hockey Night in Canada.
  • Tanner Glass: A gold-plated Scrabble set to practice for the big day against @passittobulis.
  • Manny Malhotra: An Aston Martin One-77 from my brother-in-law. I know he can afford it.
  • Mikael Samuelsson: To be back on the second line and more of Erin Ireland’s banana bread.
  • Alex Edler: To beat Salo’s slap shot in this season’s skills competition.
  • Keith Ballard: For Coach Vigneault to like me.
  • Jannik Hansen: For @mozy19 to stop stalking me outside of Gate 16 and calling me at home. It’s getting weird!
  • Cory Schneider: Stop calling me the Ginger Jesus!
  • Canucks fans: A STANLEY CUP IN 2011!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

2 Responses

  1. Stephanie says:

    HOLY SMOKES. I laughed so freakin’ hard at Torres’ gift. TRUE DAT, TRUE DAT.

  2. If Edler doesn’t beat a gimpy Salo, he must’ve been a bad boy this year. (Assuming Salo is even healthy enough to participate.)

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