Ask Katie about the Canucks: December 6, 2010 Edition

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Roberto Luongo and Dustin Byfuglien

Vancouver’s 3-0 shut out against the Blackhawks on Friday night was definitely a great way to kick off the weekend, but it was Luongo’s poetry reading that stands out for me that night, not because the game was boring, but because Lu’s clip was so unexpected that it surprised a lot of people.

Luongo showed he has a great sense of humour.

I don’t know if Lu actually wrote the poetry, or if TSN simply got him to read it with a pipe in a funny outfit, but whoever’s idea it was, a lot of fans got to see a different side of the goaltender.

Mark G (@marktgledhill) asks: Do you think that with Bobby Lou doing poetry that it shows he is feeling good and not letting things get into his head?

I’d like to say yes. The poetry reading was so unexpected that I couldn’t help but wonder who put him up to it, or what they used to bribe him to sit there and perform. Either he thought it was hilarious, or Canucks PR figured it would be good to show this side of Luongo; perhaps even to show that Luongo isn’t shaken by recent criticism or the so-called “goalie controversy” in Vancouver. Either way it worked. It’s funny, and he insulted Byfuglien.

Who couldn’t laugh at this?

“Human eclipse, rhinoceros hips.
Who will laugh last when I slash your calves?
Bring me peace, make it cease.
Get your big ass outta my crease.”

Speaking of goalie controversy, many fans thought that Schneider should have started last night against St. Louis. It wasn’t that Luongo played badly; in fact, it was the opposite. There were surprisingly no complaints about Lu’s performance last night (just the rest of the team’s), but some figured Schneider should have got the start against a team like the Blues.

After all, isn’t Schneider supposed to play around 20 games this season?

Alexander asks: What do you think the likelihood is that Yzerman might start knocking on your doors for Schneider in a few weeks?

Not sure if it’ll be in a few weeks since Schneider has only played four games this season and hasn’t had as much exposure as fans think he should. This is one of the reasons that the Canucks wanted Schneider to start 15-20 games this year – to show him off for trade value – but is four games enough to showcase him? Or will other NHL teams looking for a great goalie need to see more before they make a move for him?

Personally I think Schneider needs to play through most of the season before a team goes for him, and yes, I think that Cory should have started in net last night against the Blues to help his case. If the Canucks don’t start playing Cory now, that will mean either a lot of Schneider starts in the spring, OR they’ll fall through on their promise and he won’t get the 15-20 games promised in the summer.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. vanna says:

    I also agree that Cory should have started against the Blues and I figured that since we wasn’t going to start then, he would get his chance on Wednesday against the Ducks but rumor has it that Lu’s in between the pipes. I don’t understand it at all. According to Joey Kenward’s twitter, Coach AV thinks the schedule is favorable to having Luongo start as often as he is. Can someone please explains AV’s logic to me?

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