I Watched This Game: Canucks 4 – 1 Maple Leafs

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4 Responses

  1. John Andress says:

    When considering the attitude of most Vancouver fans towards the Maple Leafs, it would be fair to say that we all have a simmering resentment caused by the arrogant sense of entitlement shared by every Maple Leafs fan. In a recent article in The Province Tony Gallagher says (and I paraphrase) that this is epitomized and symbolized by the early start time, changed to suit the Toronto market and nobody else. A Torontonian of my acquaintance says that the time zones involved are the only reason for this change, thereby proving the point: they have no idea. The normal seven pm start time is good enough for every other visiting eastern team, including the Montreal Canadiens, every bit as storied a franchise as the Maple Leafs. Canuck’s puck drop while on the road in the east is not delayed to let us get home from work comfortably to see the start of the game. Leafs fans don’t see the disrespect inherent in this attitude for other teams. Could Hockey Night In Toronto be perpetuating the myth that anybody but Leafs fans care? However, you are quite right. It is a moot point. We beat them anyway. Regularly. Delightfully.

  2. I understand the business behind it, but whatever. At least more people got to watch the Leafs lose.

  3. Goleafsgo02 says:

    As one of the Leafs fans beside Volpatti’s parents (not on camera) – I actually regret chanting GO LEAFS GO during the interview. Didn’t actually expect it to heard so clearly nor distract Mrs. Volpatti either. Felt somewhat embarassed after seeing the replay when I got home from the game. Didn’t know who he/she was, but we just wanted to be heard in the background, but had no real intent of causing a major distraction or being rude/classless.

  4. John Andress says:

    But you were.

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