Markus Naslund Named General Manager for Modo

Via a tweet from Jon Häggqvist, who writes for Allehanda in Ornskoldsvik, we’ve found out that Markus Naslund has been named as the new general manager for Modo of the Swedish Elite League.

@mozy19 It’s the middle of the night over at your place, but here’s a news flash for you: Näslund is the new general manager for Modo.”

Hiring a GM is a bit of an unusual move for a team in the SEL; only Frolunda has had one before. Häggqvist adds, “Modo has had a couple of unsteady years (right now they are struggling) and Markus is steady and has a lot of knowledge. And a name.”

Markus, of course, has strong ties to Modo, having played there prior to coming over to North America and returning to play there after his retirement from the NHL.

[update: 12/16/2010, 7:44 AM]

Link is up now.

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2 Responses

  1. Anders says:

    he’s also been in the board of directors for Modo since the start of last season

  2. John Andress says:

    Well done! I, too, have been struggling to conceive of a way that Pavel Bure’s acheivements as a Canuck can be recognized whilst conceding that his claim lacks the “intangibles” required to qualify him for the ROH or for jersey retirement. By George, I think that you have done it. I hope that somebody in the Canucks heirarchy reads your suggestion and yakes it to heart.

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