Markus Naslund: The Trevor Linden of the New Generation

J.J. Guerrero

Founder and Executive Editor of Canucks Hockey Blog. Proud Canadian, hardcore Canucks fan. I would like nothing more than watching the Canucks win the Stanley Cup. Against the Leafs.

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27 Responses

  1. Smyl was before my time here in Vancouver as I only got here in ’91. As a young kid Trevor Linden was a hero to me. I remember watching a finals game at cub camp on a black and white TV the leaders rented for us with the antenna run up the flag pole all of us waving white paper towels. I remember being in the van coming back from another camp and hearing that Trev was coming home, everyone cheered.
    Naslund I remember watching and always thinking “he can pull one out of the fire”. He might have been the more skilled player but, thoughts of him unwarranted or not still bring back bitter feelings of Minnesota in 03 and Calgary on 04. Years that had so much potential that just left me in a terrible mood. He also didn’t stick around post career like Linden. There is no Markus Naslund Fitness Centre, I can’t talk to friends who attended his wedding.
    For his continued connection to the community and the still lingering magic of the summer of 94 I have to say I connected to Trevor Linden more than Markus Naslund. I’ll never forget the most common scoring summary posted at GM place though, “Goal scored by number 19 MARKUS NASLUND with assists to number 44 Todd Bertuzzi and number 7 Brendan Morrison”
    Go Canucks GO

  2. sameer says:

    Linden all the way. I grew up during the ’94 cup run and those are the best memories as a Canuck fan, period. Naslund doesn’t do it for me because his last couple of years here were not very good yet hes was getting paid like a #1 guy, got #1 minutes on the top line but did not meet expectations. It’s hard for me to remember the glory years when the most recent years were not successful.

  3. Yao Wong says:

    Linden definitely. My childhood hero during the 94 run. Grew up as a huge fan and I still have pictures I drew of him.

  4. Yao Wong says:

    Linden definitely. My childhood hero during the 94 run. Grew up as a huge fan and I still have pictures I drew of him.

  5. Kyle says:

    Linden. The guy is a hero in Vancouver and is still giving back to Vancouver even though he has been gone. My Grandma, dad and Mom still love Linden and I met him one time and he was a saint. Linden all the way

  6. Yvonne says:

    Lynden because my son is a fan

  7. Stevengill97 says:

    Linden! The trade was the saddest moment in canucks history after 94 of course

  8. Simon says:

    I connected with Trevor Linden the most because I was crazy about the Vancouver Canucks back when he was the captain and followed every game!

  9. Amy N. says:

    Marcus Naslund because he’s European like me!

  10. Farhan Mohamed says:

    He was leading the team when I was growing up and becoming a fan. He connected with the people of Vancouver. Would not have been the same without him.

  11. Tina D. says:

    Trevor Linden because he’s a hunk

  12. Dawn says:

    Linden was and still is an inspiration to me! He made me smile bigger than i had in over 2 years, 6 weeks after I had a very difficult shoulder surgery and found out that I’m a high candidate to have osteoarthristis and osteoperosis at a very young age, I’m only 29. When I see him around town, he always gives me a nice smile and doesnt act like he is a Vancovuer celebrity! He’s a kind, humble, giving and honest man and he deserves more than what we have given him! Canucksgurl16

  13. Andrew Hill says:

    Love them both, they both had a hand in shaping our team into what it is today! But if I had to choose, Linden

  14. Richard Loat says:

    I connected with Naslund only because I wasn’t a fan at the time of Linden. I’ll never be able to relate to him and understand the love this city has for him. I respect him for all he’s done, but the passion this city has for him is something you only get from having lived through his time and what he did for this team.

  15. Mumta says:

    Linden, because he’s my Dad’s favorite Canuck. =)

  16. Naslund because i was just a we little boy during Linden’s day, and when i would watch every game with my dad in the early 2000’s naslund’s skill would just blow my mind! that wrist shot from the circle was a pure snipe show! no goalie could stop him or the west coast express! SO honored to see #19 up beside #16 and #12 all great guys and great players!

  17. Mayor Quimby says:

    Trevor Linden is, was and always will be my favorite player. My kids now always ask for and wear #16. To them it is because their Dad wears it but they know I always wear #16 because Trevor did. No one epitomizes the Vancouver Canucks like he does and he was a class act on and off the ice. He may not have won a cup in Vancouver, but he came as close as you possibly can. Game 7 in 1994, must win, do or die and Trevor, beat up beyond belief, still scored two goals.

  18. bc says:

    hard to pick just one, since I’ve been a fan since the Canucks’ first NHL season, but I’ll go with Smyl since he was a member of the team on its first run for the Cup.

  19. Phy says:

    Trevor Linden, because my best girlfriend was obsessed with him and couldn’t stop talking about him.

  20. Kathy says:

    I’m from the older generation and Linden was all I ever heard about at home as my father and my brother watched all the Canucks games when I was growing up. The 1994 Stanley Cup Finals was very exciting and I was caught up in Cup fever as well.

  21. Martina says:

    For me, it’s always been Linden. When he became a Canuck, I became a Canucks fan. It might have been because I thought he was cute way back then. But as I grew and he grew, I was inspired by his ethics on and off the ice.

  22. Mica Knibbs says:

    Always Linden… nobody except maybe Stevie Y. has better exemplified the best of hockey and what it means to be a Canadian hockey fan!

  23. Megan Harris says:

    Linden is one of the greatest players to have ever played, thankfully for the Vancouver Canucks. So much talent! He did amazing things for the team and for the league. One of my top favs, hands down.

  24. Carlz says:

    Ive loved Linden since I was 5 cried when he got traded and cried when he came back .. he is captain canuck and always will be !!

  25. John says:

    I’d have to say Linden. I was a teenager during the ’94 run, when I really became a hardcore fan of the Canucks, and Linden was the motor to that team. Remembering the way he played in game 7 of the finals is truly inspiring.

  26. Carlos Silva says:

    Thanks for the print! Looking forward to hanging it in the office!

  27. Dawn says:

    *bites tongue*

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