The Hamhuis Effect

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good call on the “A”, Richard. I was just saying the other day that people seem to have forgotten Henrik gave him that with the goal of seeing a leadership position improve his play. All credit to Hank on a wise decision.

  2. Tylercdurden2004 says:

    Sorry no deal on this. Watching Hamhuis some games he looks lost out there making his own share of bone-headed plays.

    Give Bieksa credit where its due. Hes offensive minded Dman whos D was not the best which is fine. He has however suffered 2 serious injuries in the span of 3 years which would set anyone back missing as many games as he did.

    Bieksa has shown he can score, fight, hit, block shots, score. Not many Dman can do that. I his healthy seasons hes been a 40+ point Dman. Consistency should come when he can consistently play without missing massive chunks of the season.

    Hamhuis is a good Dman in his own right. But is far too overrated. Overall its a wise choice on the managments part to pair Hamhuis with Bieksa.

  1. January 11, 2011

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